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About Us

Fireseed Catering founders Dave and Dawn Noble share a 30-year story that takes them from the heart of the country to both coasts, bringing their mutual passion for good food along the way.

Having both been raised in the Midwest with experience in the restaurant industry, Dave and Dawn found themselves graduating from New York’s Culinary Institute of America (CIA) together in 1996. They were married shortly thereafter and, upon completing an honorary fellowship at CIA, the couple moved to Chicago for a stint in corporate dining. By 1999, they moved to Wisconsin and opened a successful restaurant.

Four years later, Dave and Dawn discovered Washington State. That was all it took. They returned to Milwaukee just long enough to sell their house, business and car, and moved to the beautiful south end of Whidbey Island.

As Fireseed Catering, Dave and Dawn have created exquisite menus for more than 40 weddings a year. After completing renovations, Fireseed Hall and Gardens have hosted over 300 of those events on site.

Down to Basics

Fireseed derives its name from the elementals:    299-IMG_0961

  • The basics of cooking, which is fire; and
  • The basics of foodstuff, or seeds.

Within these basics lie the secrets to flavors that are often lost in our fast-food world.

Since Fireseed Catering was founded, Dawn has renewed her skills as an accomplished pastry chef. She shows off her talents with creative chocolate work, stunning wedding cakes and local berry pies. Dave spends most days creating original dishes with a Pacific Northwest flair that is ignited by your own personal vision.

Together, they can produce a wide variety of menus, as well as serve them in a variety of ways. Whether the meal is plated, family style, buffet or all hors d’oeuvres, Dave and Dawn shine with food and tables overflowing with variety, color and most important of all, flavor.

More Than a Caterer — A Coordinator

Oftentimes people approach Fireseed for not only catering services, but also help planning their big day. Rest assured, you can consider Dawn and Dave your connection to the wedding business. Not only will they create a unique dinner and dessert menu for you, but also coordinate your rentals, provide staff and be your maitre d’ for the day, as well as guiding couples to other amenities such as florists, photographers and guest accommodations. What’s more, Dawn handles your event timing with the precision of a Swiss tourbillon watch.

fireseed catering