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Fireseed Hall

Drapes at Fireseed

As the new year is upon us I wanted to pass along some new additions here at Fireseed. This past season was really amazing, we have seen some truly spectacular flower installs in the hall and they have made the new drapes really shine. Read More

For The Love Of Flowers

I have a love of flowers that is why I am so crazy about new and unique ways to use flowers for weddings. This year seems to be the year that flower installations have really taken off and we’ve enjoyed seeing them take form. Here at Fireseed we have a metal tree in the lounge area that was recently transformed into an ethereal thing of beauty thanks to Tobey from Vases Wild. … Read More

Family Reunions At Fireseed

Here at Fireseed we don’t just do weddings our space is perfect for family reunions. The grounds are perfect for a large family reunion, the main lawn has space for tons of yard games an open bar area with lots of shade and places to sit. The lawn can host up 225 with much open area for roaming and talking and catching up with family…

Read More

Holiday Parties At Fireseed

Fireseed is beautiful in the winter months it’s peaceful, quiet and the grounds have been “put to bed” with the hustle of summer long since passed. The Holiday season is a great time to gather family and friends close or for corporations to thank their wonderful employees for a great and profitable year. The hall here at Fireseed is fully heated so we stay cozy even if its cold outside…… Read More

Insure Your Wedding Is Fun For Everyone

Here at Fireseed we have seen many parties and I wanted to share some ideas I think might help to make your wedding fun for everyone. First mix up your party guests there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being the one couple at a table where you don’t know anyone and everyone else went to high school together—particularly if you can see friends laughing it up five tables away. A well-arranged seating chart is a cost-free way to make sure your guests spend time with people they like—or even set them up with someone new…… Read More

Remember To Eat On Your Big Day

There are so many details to remember on your big day here at Fireseed we try to take care of as many of those details as possible. The one thing I see coming up over and over again is food for the wedding party the day of the wedding whether it is breakfast or lunch often times people have not thought through this detail… Read More

CIA Trained Chefs For Your Wedding

Here at Fireseed we take food very seriously both Dave and myself attended the Culinary Institute of America. The range of food we can prepare here is unlimited with two full kitchens onsite one for the savory portion and one  for the sweet….. Read More

Family Style Dinner Service

Having hosted hundreds if weddings we see many styles of services for dinner and we like them all. This year seems to be the year for family style service and here at Fireseed we can personalize it for you. Family style service starts with a plated course first along with bread then platters full of menu choices come right to the table…. Read More

New Yard Games At Fireseed

Wow has the weather been great here on Whidbey! This past winter we had been hard at work making a few changes and improvements to the property. The yard games area is done and has been a huge hit so far this season… Read More

Decorating Ideas That Work At Fireseed

Dave and I have done many weddings here at Fireseed and we have seen a lot of really great decor ideas that we would like to share. I have really liked the string lights that can go up between the white posts to cozy up the room when there are less than 100 or so guests. This year we have seen more up-lighting in the lounge and main room, you can turn a room into candlelight. I love the backdrops that so many couples have added to the head table like garland, sheer fabrics, flower walls, and lights the list goes on and they have been really beautiful accents to the couples and the head table… Read More