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Drapes at Fireseed

As the new year is upon us I wanted to pass along some new additions here at Fireseed. This past season was really amazing, we have seen some truly spectacular flower installs in the hall and they have made the new drapes really shine. Read More

Family Reunions At Fireseed

Here at Fireseed we don’t just do weddings our space is perfect for family reunions. The grounds are perfect for a large family reunion, the main lawn has space for tons of yard games an open bar area with lots of shade and places to sit. The lawn can host up 225 with much open area for roaming and talking and catching up with family…

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Holiday Parties At Fireseed

Fireseed is beautiful in the winter months it’s peaceful, quiet and the grounds have been “put to bed” with the hustle of summer long since passed. The Holiday season is a great time to gather family and friends close or for corporations to thank their wonderful employees for a great and profitable year. The hall here at Fireseed is fully heated so we stay cozy even if its cold outside…… Read More

Midweek Wedding

With spring in the air we are all starting to look forward to the many weddings planned for 2016 at Fireseed.  While we are already booked for 2016 until the end of October we currently have some midweek dates still available along with openings in November, December and the beginning of the new year.  In order to highlight the midweek option we are offering a 20% reduced rate off the venue fee for any midweek wedding booked by the end of March 2016.  I will also extend that reduced rate to  November, December, January and February weekend dates so you can get a 20% reduced rate off the venue fee for anytime during those months as well.  I would like to also mention a few other really great things about hosting a midweek or off season event on Whidbey Island.  The Inn’s and B&B’s as well as VRBO rentals often don’t require a minimum of nights you have to stay.  The ferry system is really easy during the middle of the week as well as the off season without all the hustle and bustle of the weekend happenings…. Read More

Make Your Wedding Your Own

Making your wedding your own is really important to Dave and myself. With every viewing this winter I have tried to express to every bride and groom that they should bring in their own style and focus on what is important to them. Weave in your personality , your love story and your sense of style. If you are looking for fun and relaxed then that is what your day should be and we are here to help you get what you want… Read More

Gardens At Fireseed

The gardens here at Fireseed are wintering over at the moment with the addition of compost, gardener love as well as lots and lots more plants everything is coming along nicely.  Dave has been busy this winter transforming an area of the lawn into a really beautiful yard games area. In addition to the yard games area we also have a fabulous new overlook area with seating, all this for your viewing and playing pleasure…. Read More