fireseed catering

CIA Trained Chefs For Your Wedding

Here at Fireseed we take food very seriously both Dave and myself attended the Culinary Institute of America. The range of food we can prepare here is unlimited with two full kitchens onsite one for the savory portion and one  for the sweet…..Dave is the chef here at Fireseed and his training started before he attended culinary school and in college he was even cooking in the fraternity house for his brothers. Dave then attended culinary school where he refined his skills and became a head chef in Chicago. I started in a the culinary world making french silk pie for my family as a child and later attended culinary school. Dave and I both left culinary school together to pursue our relationship and our new jobs in Chicago where Dave and were offered great jobs in the corporate dining world. This experience led us back to the enticement of the restaurant business and decided to move back to Dawn’s hometown of Wisconsin and open our first business which we called Stewps.  We wanted to work together and be able to raise a family in the restaurant business.  At Stewps we created soups and stews from scratch along with breads and desserts we were happily pursuing our business dreams and family. Dave and I continued to do well at the store and we now had two daughters which was quite the juggling act. We moved to the Pacific northwest to work together, raise our girls and do what we loved – cooking. We found our place here on Whidbey and our business grew as did our knowledge of food. Dave and I have created so many dishes here because of our clients wishes and diverse backgrounds we have amassed culinary delights from around the world.  Just this last weekend Dave dove into Greek cuisine, my favorite was the souvlaki and I made tiramisu admittedly not Greek but mighty tasty. Dave and I have dedicated our careers to making any kind of food our clients wish going as far as using client recipes for your special day….

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