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Decorating Ideas That Work At Fireseed

Dave and I have done many weddings here at Fireseed and we have seen a lot of really great decor ideas that we would like to share. I have really liked the string lights that can go up between the white posts to cozy up the room when there are less than 100 or so guests. This year we have seen more up-lighting in the lounge and main room, you can turn a room into candlelight. I love the backdrops that so many couples have added to the head table like garland, sheer fabrics, flower walls, and lights the list goes on and they have been really beautiful accents to the couples and the head table…Personally I love a “candy bar” that become favors guests help themselves to, nothing better than a giant variety of candy that you like or just everyone likes. Having a photo booth right outside the bar area in the corner really has been a great place to put that particular attraction since that’s a lot of unusable space and its right by the bar perfect spot to capture some fun moments. I have been surprised and delighted by people changing up the times when they want to toast. Passing champagne right as people walk in for dinner and then after an appaulding grand entrance going into toasts has been a great way to keep the crowds attention and it keeps your toasts short. Some really nice touches to the outside have been candles and linen on the outside tables as well as cafe lights on the iron work. The party side of the night can really be enhanced by a disco ball and the glow in the dark baloons that you blow up and toss into the crowd cheers everyone on.

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