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Dining and rehearsal dinner on Whidbey

Dave and I don’t get out much here on Whidbey but we did just go out for New Years Eve and we could not have had a better meal or company at Orchard Kitchen right here on Whidbey. The restaurant is located on a lovely farm in Bayview they feature local produce, meats, cheeses, wine and any other hard to find creative food choices that this region has to offer. The dinner itself came with a wine pairing and changes daily featuring whatever is best and available at the time and really whatever the chef feels like making with his available ingredients.  As a chef and pastry chef ourselves that combination is every chef’s dream not only do you get top quality ingredients but you get to use your own imagination and cook the way that you like so it really gives the chef a lot of freedom to create and create they do much to our delight. The dinner started at 7:30 with bubbles and delicious appetizers and took off from there. The food itself was prepared with care and skill and style I have to add his knife cuts were very impressive as the pastry chef here I never really focus that heavily on knife skills but I found it to really elevate the dish the food was that much more appealing, it seems like a small thing but it really struck me with his food. I really do like watching the chefs prepare the dish and we were able to sit at the counter that overlooks that area, it was impressive and fun to watch the fast paced action of the plating going on sort of like being back at Fireseed but being on the other side. I also thought the staff was great the wait staff was fun and interactive and attentive and they seemed to really enjoy their job.  It’s nice to see the happy faces of staff that enjoys what they do and wants to be there as someone in the food business I know how important good staff is and his staff was great. I have to mention their daughter Molly who is 11 and might have been the most delightful person there she interacts with everyone and has such a charm about her she adds that family feel to the place and it tells me that their place like ours is centered around not only their love of food but their love of their children and for each other because his wife Tyla serves as front of the house and takes on any other job that might need to be done. My favorite part of the whole meal was the cheese course but not for the cheese that was really good but the fermented green walnuts that came with the course these were nothing short of magic for me and so different and delicious that describing them would be impossible but trust me they are worth it. All in all I would recommend any client to either have dinner there while you are visiting the island or book your rehearsal on site, they have a separate building to host your private party in, give them a call they are lovely folks with a passion for food that I would say is very relateable and tasty.

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