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Drapes at Fireseed

As the new year is upon us I wanted to pass along some new additions here at Fireseed. This past season was really amazing, we have seen some truly spectacular flower installs in the hall and they have made the new drapes really shine.This past season has seen some amazing weddings here on the property and one of our clients did a big room reveal that needed drapes we decided to keep the drapes (it has been a thought of mine for a while anyway). The drapes create a lot of choices available for our clients throughout the year. We can now do a room reveal that involves your guests not seeing the table arrangements until your choosing. We can also close off the center of the hall for ceremony without the tables in that area making it feel very cozy and private then after ceremony flip the room to host the dinner and reception. We can also close off the back corners for a photo booth and coat check area. The back can also be closed off and the drapes serve as a back drop for the head table and it conceals the buffet area. There are, I am sure, more uses that will present themselves as the seasons progress but the drapes have been a great addition and have heard nothing but positive feedback. Hope to see you soon.

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