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Family Reunions At Fireseed

Here at Fireseed we don’t just do weddings our space is perfect for family reunions. The grounds are perfect for a large family reunion, the main lawn has space for tons of yard games an open bar area with lots of shade and places to sit. The lawn can host up 225 with much open area for roaming and talking and catching up with family…

The indoor hall can host just as many people, tables and chairs can be set up in a very casual fashion and a picnic type dinner is served by us no mess for anyone to clean up. The lounge has a large bar and 6 bathrooms there are even private rooms to host the youngest children that need some quiet time. The barn and gardens have stereo systems that you just plug a device into and you have instant music for a barn or lawn dance. Here at Fireseed we even have a playground with a zip line, tether ball, swings and more for kids of all ages to enjoy. We also have ample parking to accommodate all the family members and extended family. The grounds are massive with lots of open space to enjoy, roam, play and have some peace away from the stress of everyday living while catching up with family. Call us to see what kind of special deal we can work out for your family reunion.

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