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Farm To Table Wedding

I am not sure if everyone knows the story of how Fireseed came to host our farm that not only includes manicured floral gardens but also almost an acre of vegetable gardens as well. When Dave and I moved to Whidbey 13 years ago we were looking for a place to raise our kids together, work together, build a new business and still be in the food industry… Tall order I know. We moved across the country from Wisconsin in a 1986 Doge van, the kind with curtains and a funny horn, and a pull behind camper with two very small children 3 and 1 1/2 year-olds at the time. It took at least a week to drive all that way with Dave driving and me trying to keep the girls entertained all in November. We hit snow storms and had to go through the mountain pass in Idaho a little scary but Dave of course was awesome. We went to Whidbey first and Dave did not know  at the time that  I was done driving and done living in the camper. We finally found our house it was perfect and I knew it had potential right away. We moved in and we had to figure out how to make a living soon….We tried some very crazy things at first the farm animals, goats and sheep are just scary and don’t get me started on Toni the freaky Llama.  Growing vegetables is hardedr than you think, we had to go back to what we knew which was food so we hatched a plane to start selling home cooked food at the farmer’s market. I sold at the market and we both made the food which at the time was soup, bread and desserts. That is where we met Pam Mitchell, of,  she had great produce and we became friends. I went and saw her garden that she was tending which was on another persons property and was really impressed with how neat and tidy the gardens looked and the produce was soooooo good. I asked her if she would maybe want to use some of our land to grow her amazing veggies, Pam said yes and she has been with us ever since.  That is how we have these wonderful veggies at Fireseed that are often picked Friday, sometimes Saturday, to offer you and your guests.  Pam has lived on the property for 12 years and cares for the vegetable gardens and the flower garden she is such a great person to have living here and has made Fireseed a farm to table business and she stills sells organic produce at the farmers market.

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