fireseed catering

Farm To Table

Here at Fireseed the vegetable garden is very important to us and new spring planting of the garden is in full swing. Pam Mitchell is the head gardener here at Fireseed and with over 3/4 of an acre of food gardens with special produce unique to our gardens she has been very busy with this early spring weather….The Fireseed garden is producing almost all year round we pull produce for just about every event that we have here. The garden has many offerings right now fresh purple and green asparagus, chard, herbs, rhubarb, pea shoots, baby carrots in many colors, broccoli, cauliflower, and so much more. We have collaborated with Pam for many years now trying to get just the right combination of plants for our events so our guests experience the variety of produce that the northwest has to offer. The garden also produces fruit that we preserve and serve throughout the winter. Dave and I tried be farmers and do it ourselves but we quickly learned there is so much more to it than we could have imagined. Pam does such a wonderful job growing vegetables and even better the garden is lovely to stroll through , we encourage all our guests to walk in to see where their evening’s menu is coming from.

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