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Fun Ideas Your Guests Will Wish They Did

I love new ideas for brides to enjoy, here is a stream of some that I find interesting. Leave fun facts about yourselves on the tables. Pin something on your bouquet like ribbons or small framed pictures of loved ones something to personalize your bouquet. Make your own Instagram hashtag that your guests can use. Not only is it fun for them, but it also allows you to see all of the pictures your guests uploaded to Instagram in one search.  A “Please Call Anyone But the Bride” list of phone numbers for your wedding party to keep stressful, last-minute problems away from the bride on her wedding day.Include a space on the RSVP’s where guests can request songs to play at the reception. Write each other love letters on the day of your wedding and seal them closed in a box with a bottle of wine. Open the box on an anniversary. Provide coasters that help people keep their drinks while dancing.Have the groom write a message to the bride on the bottom of her shoe the morning of the wedding. Create a piñata for you to break open on your first anniversary filled with notes from your wedding guests. Compile addresses of all of the guests at your wedding by having guest fill out address cards. Have a live wedding painter to capture your ceremony/reception space and your guests.

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