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Gardens At Fireseed

The gardens here at Fireseed are wintering over at the moment with the addition of compost, gardener love as well as lots and lots more plants everything is coming along nicely.  Dave has been busy this winter transforming an area of the lawn into a really beautiful yard games area. In addition to the yard games area we also have a fabulous new overlook area with seating, all this for your viewing and playing pleasure….Every year at Fireseed we do a winter project that improves the barn, the gardens and the experience that you and your guests get to enjoy the results of.  Last year was a full revamp of the back of the barn that included the bar lounge, Bridal suite and an indoor Groom’s lounge.  The year before that was the install of super impressive 9 foot doors creating the awesome entrance that every couple enters into the party of their life.  This year we are covering the entrance to the barn so that guests can enjoy these doors under cover along with the rest of the covered walkway if the weather takes a turn.  Well, this year we have decided to expand the garden below the ceremony area to include two more beds with more plants, flowers and an overlook area garnished with benches as well as some beautiful pots.  Last August we, along with the entire Seattle area, was hit by the most outrageous storm I have ever seen since we’ve been here and that was August!  With the generators running the wedding continued on, however eight large poplar trees in the lower garden area did not. After cutting the trees the area looked sad and lost, we had to do something.  Forever trying to make lemonade we came up with a solution that adds something needed to an area that seemed lost. Where once lay stumps of trees from the past we now have a new yard games area that has a large sitting area and enough space for four kinds of games. We will start with a permanent bean bag game along with ladderball leaving room for the creativity of couples to add their personal touches. These two new spaces are also perfect for some furniture props, Holly of Unique and Chic rentals would be a perfect choice for these things.

Cheers everyone…..

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