fireseed catering

Holiday Parties At Fireseed

Fireseed is beautiful in the winter months it’s peaceful, quiet and the grounds have been “put to bed” with the hustle of summer long since passed. The Holiday season is a great time to gather family and friends close or for corporations to thank their wonderful employees for a great and profitable year. The hall here at Fireseed is fully heated so we stay cozy even if its cold outside……The hall can be decorated in so many different styles and the landscape in the winter on the grounds reflects the green and silence of the season. The hall has many places to rest and enjoy some quiet time the lounge has comfortable couches and chairs with several suites. Complete with six indoor bathrooms no one has to leave the comfort of the hall. Our indoor stereo system means there is no need for a DJ, just plug in and you have lovely background music and dance music for after dinner. The hall can also host indoor games as well has a fun photo area to capture all the selfies guests could want. Call us for special winter pricing and to talk more about your holiday party.

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