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Ideas And More For Your Wedding

Back to buttercream. After taking a backseat to fondant-covered cakes, buttercream textures are in demand again, Brides are liking the more organic finish that you get from traditional buttercream. What keeps these cakes from being stuck in the ’80s are contemporary colors for the blooms and different textures. Speaking of frosting, sometimes you just don’t need it. “Naked” cakes, which are unfrosted (or partially frosted) and simply adorned with berries or fresh flowers, are trending from coast to coast — and at both relaxed receptions and more formal affairs .Decadent flavors. No doubt couples have a more sophisticated palate these days. A vanilla cake just won’t do anymore. One of my most requested flavors for 2016 is salted caramel. Others on the rise: lemon, champagne, lavender-vanilla,  and bourbon chocolate.

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