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Insure Your Wedding Is Fun For Everyone

Here at Fireseed we have seen many parties and I wanted to share some ideas I think might help to make your wedding fun for everyone. First mix up your party guests there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being the one couple at a table where you don’t know anyone and everyone else went to high school together—particularly if you can see friends laughing it up five tables away. A well-arranged seating chart is a cost-free way to make sure your guests spend time with people they like—or even set them up with someone new…… Choose a menu that will appeal to everyone, at Fireseed we consider ourselves first class chefs and we love to accommodate everyone at your party. Stick to a schedule. No one expects things to run with military precision , especially when it comes to rushing your older relatives, but you don’t want to force your guests to idle around while you take your formal wedding pictures. This is where the cocktail hour comes in to play. Here at Fireseed we have a  lounge or shady courtyard for your guests to mingle, we provide your guests with pre-ceremony refreshments and post ceremony drinks and appetizers as well as plenty of places to sit stroll and play lawn games and even a little music to keep the party atmosphere alive. A wedding brings together two families and sets of friends—which usually means a big group of people who don’t know each other awkwardly attempting small talk. The solution? Invite relatives and out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner or welcome party to break the ice, and introduce those who might have common interests (That uncle who always loved Top Gun? Definitely link him to your fiancé’s fighter pilot cousin). By the time the wedding rolls around, your guests will have met in a more relaxed atmosphere the evening before and (hopefully) keep the conversations going at the reception. If you really want guests to be able to enjoy themselves at your reception, arrange for transportation to get them to the venue and home safely afterward. Some couples choose to  block off rooms for their guests, while others hire a shuttle service to run throughout the night. This extra consideration gives guests the freedom to relax (and drink) without worrying about getting home safely when the party wraps up. Limit the number and length of toasts to a few key guests (think: maid of honor, best man, your parents) and let everyone get back to the party.  Yes, it’s nice to hear words of encouragement and well wishes, but unless your friends are moonlighting as stand-up comedians, an overly long toast can easily go from sentimental to excruciating.  Consider  options for wedding entertainment, there are many kinds to choose from tricked-out DJ’s to belly dancers, magicians or go cirque d’ sole style. I saw a wedding this year that themed board games it was a fun way for the guests to mingle and get to know each other. Think beyond wedding cakes while  wedding cakes are still a staple,  consider expanding the selection for those with a sweet tooth—we’re talking a full dessert bar with everything from fruit pie, custard pie, truffles, cupcakes, candies, specialty cookies like macrons the possibilities are endless. The candy bar wedding favor is a great little extra  setting out plastic bags or boxes for your guests to take a snack for the road. Late night snacks have also been a real hit this year we have tons of great ideas for this from sliders to popcorn, fries to toasted cheese sandwich are just a few of the countless options.    This year has been filled with some other late night party fun as well, we just had a cigar bar set up outside at the outdoor bar very popular and easy to do.  Plan for your 4 legged friends who may be part of your day have a handler who can take them back to the house or hotel for you.   Remember to have fun and relax, planning a wedding can be stressful but when the day arrives everyone will have more fun if you can overlook any little mishaps (and there’s always something that goes slightly awry like the flower girl that goes off course ) and let loose. Think about it: Do you have fun at parties where the host is incessantly on edge? To avoid sabotaging your good mood, assign any last-minute tasks to a bridesmaid, relative or Me and designate a friend who, if they observe you getting stressed, will ply you with a cocktail or two. Dave and I will do everything to keep your party moving along and as stress free as possible cheers!!!!!!

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