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Late Night Snack

How many of you have ordered pizza at the end of a long and fun night of partying? I know I have! This year is the year for the late night snack we have done many late night snacks, it sends your party guests out in style and they are ready for more fun…Here are a few really great ideas for late night snacks. I personally love the slider it comes in so many forms and Dave is master of them all, he has great sauces and spicy meat patties to personalize your slider or add some straight from the fyrer fries for a truly delicious treat. Popcorn is the perfect crowd pleaser and we have some great toppings for our popcorn to make it unique. Grilled cheese, ham and havarti on dark rye with mustard I could go on and on but you get the point. Don’t forget to add on your perfect late night snack and ask us how you can personalize it.

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