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Maids Of Honor and Bridesmaids

Hello to all our bridesmaids and maids of honor. Maid of honor have you planned the bridal shower yet or spoken to the brides mother to see if you can assist with this? Have you figured out if the bridesmaids will be greeting guests and encouraging them to mingle?  Ladies has your attire been ordered along with any accessories? Have you all figured out your hair and makeup plan?  Ladies are you supporting your bride and assisting the maid of honor in the last few months leading up to her wedding? Have you asked if you can do anything to support them? Does your bride need any help with her invitations or favors or gifts for any one? Have you asked if she needs any other family support…. Are you helping the maid of honor with any of her duties and the bachlorette party have you all given any thought to this day as well? Are you all planning to attend the rehearsal and the dinner?  Make sure you all get to the dance floor it’s on you to have a good time and encourage everyone else to as well. As a bridesmaid your first priority should be your bride have fun and lead the party, rememebr if you are having fun so is the rest of the party. I will be here to work out all the little details so all of you can have fun and be with your friends and your friend on her big day .  As always ladies, give me a call if you need any help with any thing.. cheers and good luck, Dawn,


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