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Midweek Wedding

With spring in the air we are all starting to look forward to the many weddings planned for 2016 at Fireseed.  While we are already booked for 2016 until the end of October we currently have some midweek dates still available along with openings in November, December and the beginning of the new year.  In order to highlight the midweek option we are offering a 20% reduced rate off the venue fee for any midweek wedding booked by the end of March 2016.  I will also extend that reduced rate to  November, December, January and February weekend dates so you can get a 20% reduced rate off the venue fee for anytime during those months as well.  I would like to also mention a few other really great things about hosting a midweek or off season event on Whidbey Island.  The Inn’s and B&B’s as well as VRBO rentals often don’t require a minimum of nights you have to stay.  The ferry system is really easy during the middle of the week as well as the off season without all the hustle and bustle of the weekend happenings….

Midweek weddings can also have a different theme and flavor to them or perhaps you are interested in a lunch or a brunch get together. Most vendors work weekends so you will get your pick if you book during the week in fact they may give you a reduced rate for the midweek work as well.  Some family might be able to make a whole week of it and therefore spend some extra time with you and family members.

Dave and I were married in the winter so I have a real soft spot for winter weddings the quiet and the early nights in the evening can be quite magical.  I love evergreens and twinkle lights as well candles which make the hall feel much more cozy in the winter and you can always use, or not use, some Christmas elements as well. Darker colors that time of year can be really beautiful too, how about scarlet red with champagne and gold jewel tones or white with just some hints of evergreen. There are so many possibilities for color that are just too rich for summer, the same goes for food and wine that time of year. The hearty foods in the winter seem to satisfy on a different level that time of year with aromas and flavors bringing a crowd together.  Some times in the winter months, as well as midweek, your guest count might be lower which can open up new budget opportunities for things that might have been out of budget before.  Adding these elements because you are spending less on the total guest count means you can spend more on the things you really want to see at your wedding.  As always good luck and call us to book your midweek or winter wedding and get that reduced rate…

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