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Spring Tulip Show For Your Weddings

I saw a Crocus this morning purple and lovely and I had to congratulate the garden the tulips are going to be spectacular this spring, lucky spring brides. I wanted to remind everyone about vendors they may not have contacted yet. Do you have transportation arranged yet? Do you have hair and makeup stylist? Do you have a DJ or band or are you looking for some other form of entertainment perhaps you are looking for an aerialist or burlesque or something different for your day. I am sure you all have your major vendors  but are you looking for that special touch to help make things magical. Lighting can really add a lot to your event have you considered all your options? I personally think added props and special candles can really bring a DIY idea together. Are you stuck on some idea you may have but can’t quite make it happen? I can help you with all these things call me and we can talk about your day…

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