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Wedding Desserts For Every Event

After some time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding season I start to think about desserts again and I am eager to get back into the bake shop to start up a new season. I have been thinking about upcoming trends and wanted to share my ideas about desserts for this year. Dave and I always strive to give each client their vision of the wedding they dream of so we always tailor the dinner and dessert menus to specific tastes and what each couple happen to like…

I like to make any and all desserts most of all I like to make what each client wants and likes. My favorite part is trying to interpret the clients vision based on pictures and discussions. Just a few thoughts on dessert trends for this year and I am seeing big cakes with so many layers up to 7!  Naked cakes are coming into fashion and they can be really original, done up with candied fruit, flowers and very creatively flavored.  A couple of dessert concepts that are really fun and always crowd-pleasers are the sundae bar and ice cream sandwiches with hand made cookies  filled with a variety of homemade Whidbey Island ice cream. We also makes pies of every kind here at Fireseed from cream pie to fruit pie we can do it all.  Some people like to change things up and have a variety of desserts to pick from maybe you like cookies and tiramisu with chocolates or maybe you would prefer a cheese and chocolates course. All of theses ideas are here for you to pick from and make your dessert course full of all your dessert desires.


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