Noble Wicks

Sold at Madrona Supply Co. & Venture Out Nursery

Locally made, 100% Soy Wax Candles
Whidbey Island Escape

Cardamom woods, quince, grapefruit mangosteen

Maxwelton Mist

Fig + Bergamot, ambergris, frankincense + myhre, fir + fraser

Langley Fog
Cardamom tea, ginger, and orchard pear
Whidbey Woods Huckleberry

Huckleberry & lime blossom


Persimmon, ambrosia, oak moss and amber

Noble Wicks began with a desire for long-lasting, natural candles with real scents that are abundant in nature and cooking. From the crackling flame of a wooden wick, reminiscent of a small fire, to the enchanting scents of cardamom, ginger and fig these candles smell as good as they look. We use only the purest of ingredients, and hand pour each candle here at our farm, Fireseed located on Whidbey Island. Through our extensive property, we understand the value of homegrown and handcrafted elements. Every day we explore new inspirations through acres of floral and vegetable gardens that inspire new candle creations with aromas that fill a room like a good meal to feed your soul.